Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Progress on the Addition

 We are making great progress on our addition! The concrete work has been agonizingly slow so we're hoping the framing goes a little faster. The concrete was poured in four sections: the utility room, the first-level bedroom, and two in the garage. The day the garage sections were poured it rained quite a bit and left some standing water. Then my husband and I went out and walked around, planning and dreaming. I swear I had bits of cement stuck to my shoes but pioneer husband says it was just dirt. Still, I made both of us go back inside so we didn't risk it.

 Yesterday the four basic walls went up. It made the whole thing feel huge. We realized that you won't be able to describe our house as "cute or quaint" for much longer. It's okay---cute and quaint are not easy to raise a family in.

From here you can see where the two garage doors will be with a man door next to them. On the opposite wall there are two openings. The skinny one is for the stairs and the big one will go into our mudroom.

We had to cut a section of the roof off to fit the framing.

Every night after the construction guys leave we go out and walk every foot of the addition, talking over and over about what will go where. I've found that my husband and I differ greatly and frequently in our opinion about how things should be. It takes a lot of discussion and patience from both of us to try to come together with a plan.

We are ecstatic!

Free Printable

I recently left my school to teach closer to my home. I made some truly amazing friends in my 4 years there and it was hard to leave them behind! As a parting gift I gave them this quote in a frame. I had a lot to make so I needed to keep the cost down. I bought the frames for $3 at Walmart and spray painted them. I didn't buy spray paint for plastic so it didn't stick to the whole frame, creating a distressed look that actually worked well! Then I made the printable in Photoshop and it turned out pretty good! I printed it as a photograph since my printer is constantly running low on ink.

I still have no idea how to put a document in here to be downloaded so you'll have to just save the picture.

The quote is from Winnie the Pooh to Christopher Robin. I found the cartoon on Youtube and it was actually pretty cute!